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Welcome to Spry Candles, the home of naturally produced candles, mists, diffusers and much more. Spry Candles purely manufactures in the United Kingdom. We are passionate about the environment and protecting it. All our products are produced using environmentally friendly resources. 100% natural wax candles.

We don’t use soy/palm wax as this leads to deforestation and we don’t use paraffin wax as it’s very toxic. Instead, we use a combination of ingredients which include coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed wax using rapeseed that is grown here in the United Kingdom to produce our luxurious candles and products. This means our naturally produced products are determined as vegan-friendly.

Our candles burn more slowly than any other candle e.g. medium candle will burn for up to 70 hours against the industry average of 40 hours. Our reed diffusers last much longer e.g. 100ml diffuser lasts up to 6 months against the industry average of 8-12 weeks.

Our full range is hand made by our team here in London.

Bring natural luxury to your home or workplace with Spry Candles.

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Bespoke Range of Steel Accessories To accompany Spry Home fragrances!

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